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Hygiene Screens

Help Stop The Spread of Novel Coronavirus with Safety Screens in Workplaces & Public Areas!

Supporting current COVID-19 social distancing efforts to provide New Zealanders' the confidence of an additional safeguard against the spread of the Coronavirus and other Infectious Diseases.

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Protecting Communities

Helping businesses and their customers feel safer with high-end plastic point of sale screens for COVID-19

Hygiene screens are well suited to high human contact environments


Service Providers

Hospitals & Pharmacies


Nursing Homes

Offices / Reception Areas

Take-Away Food Outlets

Home Consultations

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HS - ON SALE! - APR 20

"Our nationwide network of trained Automotive Technicians are helping essential workers and their vehicles during the COVID-19 lockdown. It is really important for us to take all the necessary precautions to stop the possible spread of the novel coronavirus between our staff and customers. The screens will remain in-place beyond the lockdown period to ensure the on-going safety of all concerned. We're very grateful to Hygiene Screens for the safety screens, by having them in place everyone feels more confident."

- Conway Te Rito, Property & Development Manager, VTNZ

Hygiene Screens - Reception
Hygiene Screens - Reception
Hygiene Screens - Retail
Hygiene Screens - Retail
Hygiene Screens - Admin
Hygiene Screens - Admin
Hygiene Screens - Point of sale
Hygiene Screens - Point of sale
Hygiene Screen - Retail
Hygiene Screen - Retail

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